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Weld and Arts Inc is a company that has been in existence since 2010, and our mission is geared at building a satisfied clientele base with our services that provide custom metal fabrication. Ideally, what happens is that clients reveal their designs to us prior to the metal fabricating process. Our team of experts in metal fabrication will then discuss with you the best way forward. Part of this discussion revolves around choosing the best metal to work with. Some of the most common materials include galvanized steel, sheet metal as well as structural steel.

Galvanized steel, for instance, is more resistant to wear and tear compared to steel. The reason for this is that galvanization involves the chemical binding of the two metals when the plate of steel is submerged in molten zinc. Structural steel on the other hand is designed to provide much needed strength for the durability of a structure. The sheet metal is available in a wide array of sizes, and is commonly found in industrial walkways as well as road grate covers. It is clear that each of these materials presents a set of advantages when it comes to metal work, hence the need to discuss this with a client before embarking on a project.

There are various services that we offer, both for residential and commercial clients. One of the facets of the metal work that our highly skilled team engages in is welding. Welding is a very important procedure since it presents a phase of construction where various structures are transformed from paper to reality. Different types of welding exist, but of notable importance is aluminum welding, owing to the versatility of the aluminum metal. One of the factors that we have put into consideration as a company is the safety of our esteemed workers. With the use of various devices, we ensure that during welding, no sparks fly out of the restricted area, as well as provide protective mechanisms against eye damage to the individuals within the vicinity of the metal shop.

Other services that are available for clients who are interested in custom metal fabrication include metal sculpture as well as architectural material. The metal work that goes into these services calls for individuals who are highly skilled in metal fabricating procedures. The use of steel fabricators is also worth mentioning at this point. Sometimes, clients are not too aware of what it is that they would like. This is where we step in with pride to ensure that your design goes beyond been a concept, to a work of art, thanks to our expertise in metal fabrication.

Gates and railings are also available, as are pipes and valves. The latter will usually make use of galvanized steel, but this is really dependent on a client’s specifications, as well as the functionality and budget at hand. Do not be afraid to get in touch with us as we seek to give you the very best quality of metal fabrication.

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